Velvet Profile C

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The Velvet Profile C program is the kitchen program with a modern-minimal style characterised by a thicker door (26 mm) and new aluminium groove with a semi-gloss finish, glossy white lacquer, black anodised or veneered wood to ensure optimum grip according to anthropometric models.
The Velvet Profile C program is also distinguished by the transversality of the materials and the finishes available for the doors and accessories:

  • Brushed Oak wood in 3 layers, natural or painted in 9 finishes;
  • Brushed Larch wood in 3 layers and 3 finishes;
  • 5 special types of veneered wood on wooden panels, also available with an ultra-gloss finish;
  • Veneered Oak on a wooden panel, available lacquered in 7 colours or painted in 11 colours;
  • Ceramic plate (4 mm thick) reinforced on the back available in 6 tactile finishes and assembled on the aluminium frame with a semi-gloss finish, lacquered gloss white or anodised black;
  • Glass plate (4 mm thick) polished or frosted and lacquered on the back available in 12 colours and assembled on the aluminium frame with a semi-gloss finish, lacquered gloss white or anodised black;
  • Lacquered in 24 gloss or matt colours on MDF panels;
  • Special lacquer available in 5 tactile effects on MDF panels.

The furniture in the Velvet Profile C program can be integrated with those of Velvet Handle.


3 layers solid wood

Brushed pure dyed oakBrushed oxidized dove dyed oakBrushed oxidized gray Iceland dyed oakBrushed havana dyed oakBrushed wengé dyed oakBrushed white Iceland dyed oakBrushed pearl dyed oakBrushed baltic grey dyed oakBrushed black dyed oakBrushed white dyed larchBrushed grey dyed larchBrushed anthracite dyed larch

Veneered wood

White lacquered oakLinen lacquered oakIvory lacquered oakPearl gray lacquered oakRope lacquered oakMink lacquered oakCoral lacquered oakNatural dyed oakJute dyed oakJute dyed serrated oakTobacco dyed oakTobacco dyed serrated oakAsh grey dyed oakAsh grey dyed serrated oakBeaver dyed oakMoka dyed oakDark brown dyed oakGraphite dyed oak

Special veneered wood

OliveCanaletto walnutThermo-treated oakRosewoodEbony


Laminam Oxide WhiteLaminam Oxide BlackLaminam Blend IvoryLaminam Blend SandLaminam Blend GreyLaminam Blend Black


White lacqueredHemp lacqueredGreen leaf lacqueredNavy blue lacqueredAnthracite gray lacqueredBlack lacqueredSand lacqueredCamomile yellow lacqueredOrange lacqueredCerise red lacqueredRuby red lacqueredDark brown lacquered

Materic glass

Ivory textureGray textureRust texture


White iceTraffic whiteIvoryMagnoliaPlumeRopeDoveBeige grayDark hazelQuartz grayTraffic yellowSalmon orangeTraffic orangeTraffic redBordeauxChocolatePurple violetGrayBlackGrapefruitOlive greenDistant blueUltramarine blueOcean blue

Materic lacquered

Oxidized steelLight cementDust cementShadow cementCorten