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A modern kitchen designed for first time buyers, for those seeking quality at a competitive price. Capable of meeting real market demands, avoiding redundancy or excess on the aesthetic top, the project concentrates on qualitative content based on the form-function ratio.

Energy is characterised by a flat door in 22 mm thick wooden panelling covered in a decorative surface in thermo-structured melamine in 3 collections giving a total of 18 finishes: Tranché (3 variants), Wood (12 variants) and Cement (3 variants). Another 5 coloured variants are planned on wooden panelled doors covered in 9/10 HPL with ABS 1 mm laminated edges. There are 25 types of chromed metal or painted handles available combined with the various aesthetics for total personalisation.

Energy model furniture can be integrated with those in the Space model.


HPL laminated

Moon white LamiTecCreole sand LamiTecSilicon LamiTecMud LamiTecPetrol LamiTec

Laminated melamine

Light grey limeDark gray limeDove limeSand elmWashed elmLight walnutDark walnutWhite tranché oakWashed tranché oakMoka tranché oakSnow oakWhite oakSand oakLight brown oakWhite larixSand larixDove larixBrown larix