Argento Vivo

design | Roberto Pezzetta

A kitchen created by the Italian designer Roberto Pezzetta and awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum of Architecture and Design with the “Good Design Award 2009” and the magazine Robb Report with the “Best of the Best 2011.

Argento Vivo is characterised by contrasting linearity and softness, features that combine and at the same time blend with high impact. The project uses the extraordinary properties of the materials such as the doors (24 mm thick) in frosted, tempered glass available lacquered on the back in 7 colours and the frame to which it is fixed in anodised black aluminium or painted black with epoxy resins to ensure high strength against corrosion. It opens via the electrified ServoDrive system activated by pressing or PushPull.



White lacqueredSatinized aluminium white lacqueredSatinized traffic green lacqueredSatinized traffic blue lacqueredBlack lacqueredSatinized traffic yellow lacqueredOrange lacquered